" There's a lack of sincerity (and women) in this space. I want to try to level it "


2014 (16 years old)

Made $60,000 Profit from a Tumblr Blog (organic traffic)

2014 (16 years old)

2015 - 2017

Did some fun stuff:

  • Traded pictures of cats for $10,000 on a game called cryptokitties
  • Flipped domains
  • Ran affiliate blogs & websites
2015 - 2017

2018 (21 years old)

Scaled a Shopify Dropship store to $560,000 revenue

2018 (21 years old)

Press & Interviews:

🎙️ Tech Money Talks

Women in Dropshipping. Emma Reid shares her story. Took a Store from $0 to $500k in 8 Months!

📝 Dropshippingit Interview

$560K In 8 Months, Emma Reid’s Dropshipping Story. A value packed 3,000 word post!

🎙️ The Elite Investing Show

My first ever podcast. How to DROPSHIP Successfully ft. Emma Reid with Srivatsan Prakash

Blog posts & written content:

HELP! Why Isn’t Dropshipping Working For Me?

So you were sold the dream. You’ve set up a store in a hurry, added some products, and began running ads on Facebook. Everything is going well so far …until you start losing money.

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