Emma Reid | Who even is she?

This is what they say:

“Emma Reid is a Digital Marketer from Australia. She created her first website at 9 years old. And has been earning $$$ online from the early age of 16!”

“The wild Emma Reid in her natural habitat”

And I’m not going to argue with that.

But since you’re on my about page, I suppose you want to know more. Hmm?

Well, I’m 22 years old now. And I still make a full time income through the internet.

I didn’t go to college. I’ve only worked a few months at a 9-to-5. And I’ve spent more time with screens than I want to admit.

The thing is, nobody really knows about it – I guess I hate the spotlight.

But after a 6 month break to reflect, I believe that’s stupid way to live.

It’s time to give back. To push past fears. To put my perspective and ideas out into the world.

And now through this blog, you can take a look inside my head.

PS: This is my chill spot:

Stalk me on Facebook: Emma Reid

Judge me on Instagram: @realemmareid

Spam me at emma@emmareid.com

And argue in the comment section of my YouTube Channel 


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