Dropship With No Money

Have you been reading all the success stories about Shopify Dropshipping? Itching to get started? But there’s no spare cash under your mattress?

Well, hold on tight because this post is detailed and it’ll blow your mind. 💥

How much money do you REALLY need to start Dropshipping?

In a world where information is everywhere, it can be hard to make decisions. Everyone’s throwing out arbitrary numbers like $500, $1000, $2500.

Chances are you’ve heard this from an internet Guru. Maybe it was on YouTube? Well guess what, they make a lot of their money from mentorship. And they want their audience to save up for that too 😉

So lets flip this on it’s head. Because I have a secret to share with you!

On my last successful Dropship store, I hit $560K in sales with a startup budget of ONLY $10.

No, I didn’t forget a 0 there.

My startup budget was TEN FREAKIN’ DOLLARS 

When I started this journey, everyone said you had to spend money to make money. But I had no job at the time, and little savings.

So I didn’t want to part with any of it in case I failed… and lost it all.

But lucky for us both, I found a way to do things at a super low cost 😉

When I first got into Dropshipping, I spent hours researching the best way to set up a Shopify store. Referral links.. 60 day trials.. ways to extend the trial, etc.

And then one day I stumbled on a neat little trick to create Shopify stores COMPLETELY FREE!

Now, telling you this means I miss out on sweet sweet affiliate commission. That’s why nobody mentions it. They get money from referring you to the trials. So you better appreciate me for this.

EDITED on 15/03/2020: Unfortunately this trick no longer works. So I have removed it from this post. Please use the regular 2 week free trial to create your store. 

The rest of this post is still up to date.


But don’t other parts of Dropshipping cost money?

Okay. So now you’ve got a completely free Dropshipping store. But you might be wondering about the rest.

Firstly, to start getting sales, YOU DON’T NEED:

  1. To pay for facebook ads
  2. To install paid apps or premium themes
  3. To buy a course

I’ll explain why in a minute. But:

You WILL need a domain name!

These cost money. That’s where our $10 comes in.

You need a good URL for for your store. Otherwise people access it through “storename.myshopify.com” and that’s not very attractive.

Sure… you can actually get sales with it like that! But I really don’t recommend it.

When a domain name only costs $8.99, it’s a no brainer to grab one. You’ll gain more trust from customers and get to look all official. Woohoo!

The cheapest (and most reliable) way I’ve found to get domains is via namesilo. All dotcoms are $8.99 FOREVER.

I go into this in depth in the PDF. But if you’re not that desperate to save money, you can get one directly in Shopify for like $14


So now we have a shopify store & domain name. What else do we need?

An Email Address of course! 💌

Look, I highly recommend using google suite for this. It’s $5 a month. But for you extreme couponers, there’s a totally free method too!

A good way to get a free email inbox is through Zoho Mail. The limitations are:

  • Only 1 free account per phone number (so 2 stores = 2 phone numbers)
  • It can’t be logged into through your gmail app

If you’re not tech-savvy, then you’ll definitely want my step by step instructions for this. The setup can be a bit complex.

But once all linked up in Shopify, you’ll have a shiny new contact@storename.com ready to go! Not bad for 30 minutes of work.

Now (assuming you’ve added products & the store’s ready) it’s time to get some traffic!

Yeah but how do I get sales without Facebook Ads?

Uh.. okay so it’s 100% possible to get sales without running Facebook Ads.

Haven’t you heard the words “organic traffic?” There’s a million ways to promote your store without paying for it.

For example:

  • Posting in Facebook groups related to your niche and product
  • Commenting on blog posts
  • Interacting with people on Instagram
  • Ambassador programs

So get out there and start finding where your potential customers are! The more you interact with them, the more people will click your store.

The real trick is TO NOT BE A SPAMMER. ✅

But Emma, you just told me to interact a lot! Doesn’t that mean posting a ton of comments?!


But I mean organic, natural comments. Have human interactions. Add value. Ask them questions related to their posts and the niche.

Build a community around your store. And the sales will come. It might be slow at first, but stick with it (just make sure to link to your store in your profile, or the blog comment if posting on blogs).

Once you start making a profit, then you can use that money to start running ads. Or even pay for shoutouts on Instagram.

Build up the balance in your bank account & scale up slowly. The more sales you get, the more money you’ll have to spend on ads! 💰💰💰

This is called bootstrapping. And if you’re careful with cash flow, then your Dropship business won’t need any more of your personal money to grow.

That’s exactly how I did it.


Just remember, low budget = more time spent

You may be thinking.. well what’s the catch? Well of course there’s a trade-off to going the low budget route.

For one, it takes longer… 🕖

The less money you have to start, the more TIME needed to make it work.

This means you’ll spend a lot of extra hours learning and figuring things out. But honestly, that’s a GOOD thing in the long run.

Us humans are born to take action. And through action, comes wisdom. Nobody can ever take that away from you.

In fact, even if you have a budget, I recommend starting your Dropship journey without it.

Because the less money you have, the more creative you’re forced to be!

And good things happen when you’re creative.

Trust me.


That’s all for now, but if you ever need a helping hand, you’ll have the best chance at chatting with me on Instagram: @realemmareid

HOW-TO Start Shopify Dropshipping with under $10 - A FREE Tutorial


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EDITED 15/03/2020: The Shopify developer program trick no longer works. I have removed it from this post. Please use the 2 week free trial to create your store

17 thoughts on “Dropship With No Money”

  1. Avatar

    I love everything you’re sharing with us… I’ve been learning and learning about so many things… Affiliate marketing, dropshipping, organic traffic, FB Ads, etc, etc… and in my head, there was always a voice telling me that there’s a way to do start for free.
    I already tried Shopify but got out of time on my free trial period, found some problems because of trademarks, FB spamming got my store banned from FB and I’m still trying.
    Now that I read your article I felt like I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, I even heard an angels choir in my head, this is it!! I needed to read this, thank you so much!!!!!

    1. Emma Reid

      Awesome Eddy! That’s what I love to hear! Super happy that this post has clicked some of the puzzle pieces together for you. Smash through those obstacles and come out the other side 🙂

      1. Avatar

        Tellement que j’ai bien , apprises aimé ton expérience d’explication sans que me fait attention je te fais une ، bisous tu m’a donné une nouvelle vie merci bien

  2. Avatar

    Awesome Emma…Very interesting content. That strategy for posting 100 times a day is epic. Thanks so much for this hack. Now I know how to try 1+ product store for FREE!!! Again Thanks so much!!!

  3. Avatar

    This is my second time using this guide. I paid for a course but am still coming back to this guide because Emma gives tips that courses won’t. Courses want your affiliate commission for signing up through the two week Shopify trial using their code, but Emma shows you how to set up one for $10! This guide has saved me so much money and is the reason I actually applied what I learned about Dropshipping. Thank you!

  4. Avatar

    I am very happy with all you have shared here with us.
    I agree with you, especially when we learn to be creative and persistent on a budget creative and research perseverance builds app the right attitude when the bright futures comes up and an individual become a company and saving cost and learning deeper in a creative way out of the box pushing away the laziness can make a person be on the top one day.
    I am very excited setting up everything for the first time and I know it will be tough but I am a wall now and my mind is set up that there is a solution for anything 🙂
    Thank you once again Emma

  5. Avatar

    Hello Emma,

    Thank you so much for the great content. I have a question, I set up my Shopify store with the monthly plan already and brought a domain inside Shopify. Is there a way for me to switch from the regular Shopify to Shopify Developers with my domain? Thanks in advance.



    1. Emma Reid

      Sorry there’s no way to switch it unless you export your theme and copy over all the settings etc to a new store on developers

  6. Avatar

    Great post Emma! You know I generally don’t read blog posts. My method is watching videos. But I really enjoyed this post. I have big respect for you for the way you are giving your knowledge for free. (Even without using affiliate). Thank You!

  7. Avatar

    thank you for your tips! I am only just starting to learn more about drop shipping and collect notes. Your sharing has been very helpful for people like me who is trying to stretch the pennies, ironically because i can easily spend them too. Just to say you have been helpful, thank you.

  8. Avatar

    Hi Emma. So I know you’re from Australia selling to US, and I would like to ask you on accepting Credit Card payments coz I’ve read about needing to set up an LLC first? And then how about the taxes? Are you paying to other countries you’re selling too? I’m from the Phils. and I know the options available to you might not work for me but I just want to know. My mind refuse to work on other things since I got stuck on this. Thank you for your posts btw! More power to you ❤️

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