HELP! Why Isn’t Dropshipping Working For Me?


So you were sold the dream. You’ve set up a store in a hurry, added some products, and began running ads on Facebook.

Everything is going well so far.

…until you start losing money.

Maybe you’re not making enough sales (or maybe none at all).

Sure, blame Facebook. Maybe your conversions are just too expensive. Or the product is over saturated. Or the website isn’t that great. Maybe it’s all of the above.

But that’s not the real problem.


Well, it’s not that the Gurus lied.

If you bought a course, chances are you now have a good framework, and a basic understanding of how things work.

But the truth is: Making money online is a Jigsaw Puzzle. And if you’ve come straight from a 9-to-5, then you’re missing a lot of the pieces.

Unfortunately, this puzzle doesn’t come from a factory. Nobody can package everything you need to know in nice little box (of videos).

Even if they could, you’d probably lose some along the way. It’s easy for things to get lost in translation.

OK what do I do about it?

Well, the way it works is:

You have to earn some of your pieces. There’s a lot that can only be learned by trying and experimenting. And there’s quite a few more that will only be found because of your mistakes.

Then, to succeed (and finish the damn thing), you still have to figure out where every bit connects.


You’ve still gotta put it together yourself.

Most people that actually profit from Drop-shipping already had the edges laid out on the board. Whether it was from soaking up knowledge like a sponge, or past work online (affiliate marketing). They already had a lot of the tools in their toolbox. But even they had to fill in the gaps.

And those that started from scratch… did what it took to discover all the missing pieces. They stumbled and failed, got battle scars and bruises. But along the way they learned so much more than what’s included in a cookie cutter course. And they managed to complete the puzzle.

You are no different – if you want to be.

So sit down. Slow down. And read a book or something. Look into the psychology of buyers. How our brains work. Do some conversion rate optimization. Talk to others. Test things. Throw shit at the wall. Go bananas. Whatever it takes to fill the gaps in your knowledge.

And things will start clicking for you, I promise.


It’s one of my fundamental beliefs that ANYONE can learn ANYTHING. No matter where you come from.

It just takes time.

Yes, I know you want to get rich overnight. I know you want to quit your job. The marketing sells you this. But it’s rare for it to happen that fast.

Besides, figuring things out is half the fun!

Otherwise nobody would do puzzles – what would be the point?

Even when taking $$$ out of the equation, I always find joy in challenging myself. Connecting the dots. Feeling my hairs stick up when there’s a rush of things making sense.

And you should too!

In all honesty: If you don’t have this attitude, or nothing shifts after this… then I’m sorry. I don’t think this type of work is for you.


PS: Here’s proof that I still don’t have all the pieces, even after half a million in revenue.

It’s also the inspiration behind this post:

Poured 20 hours of sweat into this baby, only to realize there was some missing. It was traumatizing. But I still got something out of it. A metaphor was born, and it will help me teach you.

Good things always come from bad.


P.P.S: This blog’s only fresh off the press. So there will be more like this soon. Please comment if you have something to ask (or add).

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~ Cheers.

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6 thoughts on “HELP! Why Isn’t Dropshipping Working For Me?”

  1. Avatar

    Loving this metaphor. Totally can relate to anything in life. And then the supporting phrase that it will take time but if you chose the right puzzle it will be enjoyable process anyway.

  2. Avatar
    Kristopher Gayle

    This was an awesome post Emma. The comparison is 👌. I had such a love of puzzles back when i was younger. I loved the challenge, and i wasn’t in any rush to finish either. I guess I’ll have to get the same energy for my stores. Thanks a lot!

    1. Emma Reid

      Thanks for letting me know your thoughts, Krisopher! I do hope you keep that mindset up. It’s exactly what I wanted people to take away from this 🙂 All the best to you!

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