How A Haircut Can Inspire Growth

It’s been two months since I got the chop. And I don’t have an inch of regret.

This haircut marked the start of new beginnings. Those 8 inches were weighing me down more than I’d like to admit.

I hadn’t had a proper haircut in years. I don’t really know why – it was just one of those tasks that fell into the pit of despair.

You know… the place things go when you avoid the shit out of them for a long long time. And the longer they’ve been down there, the harder to dig them up.

Well, I’d had enough.

So I devised a plan. And it had a surprising ripple effect.

If I went and got that damn haircut, then I’d be able to stomach other, more procrastinated tasks too.

That was my theory anyway.

And it worked! I started knocking them down like dominos.

Those fresh locks made me feel confident enough to get my full car license (something I’d put off for 6 months).

Then with those achievements under my belt, I went and saw an accountant (you don’t want to know how long that was put off for).

And cleaned out 20 years of crap from our shed. De-cluttered the house. Sorted out my fashion sense. Fixed my finances.

All from a simple haircut.

Amazing right?

The instant gratification monkey is no longer steering the ship. He’s sleeping soundly in the trash bin (on top of old clothes and junk from the shed)

So don’t knock the little things. Small victories can snowball into incredible results!

It’s time to clean out that to-do list.

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