Kids Can Make Websites Too

Yuuup, that’s me. Even at the age of 6 I was blocking out the nay-sayers & going against the grain.

To put this in perspective, Facebook wasn’t even a thing yet (opened to the public in 2006).

Smartphones didn’t exist.

The freaking “like” button didn’t exist (that was added in 2009)

Yet here I was creating a website before it was cool… AND AS A KID!

Now, don’t get me wrong, my mum was the instigator of this project (god love her). She is the master of teaching herself anything. So it’s no wonder I picked up that skill too.

We built this together. And it’s one of the top 3 coolest things I remember from my childhood!

The website was made using Microsoft Front Page and was coded from scratch in HTML. (No drag and drop page builders around here folks, move along).

It included all the fully sick custom gifs and moving parts that you’d expect from the early 2000’s

( *cough* remember Myspace? )

Exhibit A:

And of course, photos of my traumatized dog playing dress up:

“I regret everything” – Doggo

What’s not to love?

Little did I know that this would spark a life-long journey of earning an income online.

And unlike that poor dog, I regret nothing.

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    You are gorgeous. I am so happy you are doing well. I won’t bother you but if you ever want to talk, I’d love it.

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