Your Beliefs Can Have A Massive Ripple Effect


Ever wondered how successful people take massive action and follow through? What causes them to do this? How do they stick with it?

Well, what sets them apart is really simple. And it’s available to us all.

The key lies in your beliefs!

What you believe about your life, your potential, your world… it’s everything. There’s no doubt about it.

Your beliefs alter the action you take. And your results either reinforce your self imposed limits, or they raise them higher.

So if you keep thinking big, keep taking action – youโ€™ll get better results.

Seeing those results is what raises the belief bar. Your potential increases. And now you take even more action, get even better results.

The cycle begins to feed on itself!

…but this can also be a bad thing.

If your belief in yourself is low, then you’ll take minimal action, and get bad results.

And what happens when your results suck? It often acts as “proof” to justify that you suck too. And that’s never helpful.

Ever caught yourself saying “see I knew this was pointless”ย  or “I don’t know why I bothered, I can’t do something like this”

Well that’s your beliefs talking. You’re using bad results to limit yourself.

Fortunately, you have the power to choose between an upward spiral, or a downward one. And it’s never too late to start.

So work on removing your blocks. Start believing that you can do it. And you will.


Where did I get this from? Well I came across something that really resonated with me. It’s a Tony Robbins video that clicked some of my gears into place. And I’d like to share it with you too:

This video made me understand so much about myself. About how I get bursts of momentum and do everything I set my mind to.

As it turns out, I’m just like them.

And it’s kind of insane to see all 3 discuss the exact same moments that I’ve had. Like Frank Kern – the first time he made $2500 while on holiday was when he recognized what was possible.ย  I’ve been there. And it’s a thrill.

I hope you get to experience it, too.


PS: Current obsession? Full-stick sticky notes. They lie flat. They never fall off. Move them around wherever you want, as many times as you want. Game. Changer.

PPS: I messed up on the note and spelt potential wrong the second time. Did you notice? ๐Ÿคซ



4 thoughts on “Your Beliefs Can Have A Massive Ripple Effect”

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    Hi Emma, yes, Tony Robbins and his teachings changed my life around starting back in 1989. I guess I would call him my hero. Yes I had to do the work, but he showed me how to change my perspective and point of view forever and the rest of the practices and wisdom also. After reading about you, it doesn’t surprise me that you would have discovered him also. It’s a wonderful feeling isn’t it ? ๐Ÿ™‚ And you are an inspiration also. Congrads and great job ! I have a question to ask and I’m not sure here is where to do it, but you will have my email so if you could contact me it would make my year and decade I guess, lol. I just had a terrible loss of a Hotel I built in Peru. Without getting into the details, I lost everything. I have been trying to break into the online business for almost 18 months now with no funds. I have learned a lot, and sat through 50,000 webinars, luckily I ddn’t have the cash to join hahaha, but I’m focused on Shopify and I like jewelry, but I’m 59 and I also need an income after 18 months of LEARNING, I have no problem going the extra mile trying to get organic traffic, but is there a way, and could you help me if so, to ALSO invest a little in FB ads to just get a flow going so I’m not a burden to anyone ? In other words, I could really use your help. I spend 14 hours a day trying to learn and catch up because my previous businesses were sales,,,,,,,but outside sales not online. I believe in myself, and you are the first REAL PERSON I believe in, in this business. But I am running out of time, and may soon be a burden to my friends who have helped me out. Any help to speed up the process would sooooo much appreciated. I feel I could learn so much from you. There are still questions besides doing some FB ads like, should I do Jewelry, sounds great ? Should I have something to do with Jewelry in my domain name ? Please any help would be appreciated Emma. And I will be your biggest promoter, ( ALTHOUGH YOU DON’T NEED ME FOR THAT ) I will compensate in any way I can. I can interchange with you via, I have studied Tony for years and years and I have read all the sales books, I have been a successful sales person most of my life and maybe there are tips I can help you with as an exchange ๐Ÿ™‚ Well hope you read this Emma, again, great job in your business and your mindset girl. My email you will have. And yes, be happy to buy you a pint or two lol. Thanks so much Kenny

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    Oh, also Emma, I have heard so many options, about a general store or niche store , I’m a little confused on which way to go ? Should it be jewelry or WOW products or products to solve problems ? Nobody has refined that greatly yet. The only person who gave a real suggestion was you when you said Jewelry. Is that what you will do again ? Also, what kind of Jewelry ? We all know we can get it from Aliexpress but there is a source here in the USA who also does engraving . Thanks Kenny AGAIN haha

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    Hi emma i’ve seen you on Oberlo let me say you’re wonderful please keep doing the great work
    as a new dropshipper things aren’t as cool i’ve have a legal dropship bussiness already in the UK but my No1 problem is payment gateways! Yes payment gateways couldn’t believe it’s my biggest road block in my store right now
    Would you help any tips really appreciate it
    Thank you

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